Valorant Global Launch Announced

Valorant announces its official global launch date along with new servers and also talked about the Indian server.

The game will launch globally on 2nd JUNE, and there will be some new contents-

  1. New Map
  2. New Mode (ORB most probably)
  3. New Agent
  4. Battle Pass

They announced the battle pass in their last announcement that it will be available on launch.

The Battle Pass might be called- ”Episode 1- Rise of Venice.”

New Map-The New map, according to the game files the new map might be Venice/Ascent map.

It will launch on the 2nd of June with Global Launch.

They teased the new map in their announcement video also.

New Mode– New mode is also coming with global Launch. The new mode might be called ”Orb”.

They said that the new mode will not be Team Death Match Mode. It will be another mode which will be short. The New mode will be available on Global Launch.

They said they might test the New mode before launch in the beta version.

New Agent– They did not reveal anything about the new agent but according to the game file leaks the new Agent might call Vampire.

The closed beta will end on 28th May.

Any New Servers?


They talked about the server too. Here new servers will be available at launch- Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas.


What about Indian Server?

For now we have to play on SEA and EU Servers. They have Future plans for servers in India and the Middle East. But for now we have to play on SEA & EU servers.

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