Hey everyone and welcome to Valorant Prime League.

We all know about the Game Valorant. Its a 5vs5 Character-Based Tactical shooter game. It’s in Closed Beta Phase for now and available only in Few regions.


We are organizing our first Valorant tournament with a Prize Pool of 21,000 INR.

There will be no Entry Fee since the tournament is Free to Play. The Registrations will start from 7th May and will end on 16th May. The Matches will start from Sunday 17th May.

The participants for this tournament are limited to India and Bangladesh for Now and the base ping for every participant is minimum 100ms. Player having Ping lower than 100ms are not allowed to join.

Why? Because the game is in a closed beta phase and its not available in India as well as in most of the countries yet. So most players from these regions get serious high ping, which is 130-200ms and most of the players from other regions get 20-60ms. So, for now, it is limited to 100ms+ ping player only.

In the future, we will extend it to global and the Prize money will be also bigger than this time.

Since it’s between India and Bangladesh for now, both regions teams have to fight and win against their home teams in order to reach on top. The Top team of India & Bangladesh are gonna participate in the final and whoever wins the Final will get the Prize Money. Runner-up will get their part as well.

So it will be like this- Indian teams have to fight against other Indian teams, and the top team of India will fight against the team of Bangladesh top team who will also fight against their home team to become the top team of the Region.

So the Indian top team and the Bangladesh top team is gonna fight in finale of thevtournament. The prize pool will be divided between these two teams as the winner and as runner-up(1st Prize and 2nd Prize).

The Bangladeshi Taka is the currency of Bangladesh. TK 25,000

That’s all about this tournament. Now let’s get into the Rules-

  1. Team slots available 32 for now. We will increase it depending upon the response of the teams.
  2. Single Elimination.
  3. Only registered players are allowed to play the tournament. Every team can have one substitute player.
  4. Sharing of id password within your friends will lead to disqualification of the team.
  5. The use of plugins and other cheating methods is prohibited. If a player or squad found guilty will result in a permanent ban from tournaments and further events.
  6. Use #global_chat for random conversation. There should be no toxicity on all chat. The excessive tag will lead you to BAN.
  7. Only Captains are allowed to tag the support staff. For other issues contact the moderators.
  8. The player who would be found harassing/trolling other players or Staff will get banned from tournaments and all future events.
  9. In any case of Disputes in-game, Captains are allowed to have a conversation with the support staff. The decision of the management will be final.
  10. No vulgar arguments with the management would be entertained.
  11. In the end the decision of the management will be final.
  12. Teams are requested to be punctual when joining the customs and to not delay the matches.
  13. Since the game doesn’t have any Asian server, we have decided to keep a base Ping of 100ms. Players/teams with lower Ping than 100ms will be disqualified. If a player or team found having lower Ping at any stage of the game, they will face a permanent ban from the tournament.
  14. Team Captains are requested to check-in 15 minutes before the match on Discord Server. The team will get disqualified automatically if they fail to Check-in within the given time period.
  15. There will be a toss system to select the map and side (Defender/Attacker) between captains of both teams. Our Staff Member will be also available at the time of toss.
  16. The Tournament will be held on Europe Server only.

If you don’t have a team, don’t worry, you can join our Valorant India discord server and there you can look for a teammate for the tournament. We have already made a section in our discord server namely-”Looking for teammates”, those who want teammates for the tournament can join there and can try to build a team.

Here’s our Discord server Link-

17 MAY

Some more info about our tournament-

Valorant Prime League is being organized by IPF Community, The Outlaw, and Valorant
Bangladesh Community.
The Final Match will be between the top teams of India Vs Bangladesh!

➤Prize Pool is of 21,000 INR.
➤There is No Entry Fee.
➤Registrations will be open from 7th May to 15th May.
➤The Tournament will start on 17th May.
➤All the rules are on our Discord Server.

► Register your Team here-
➤Join Our Valorant India Discord:
& Our Valorant Bangladesh Community Discord:

➤The Tournament will be Livestreamed on below mentioned Youtube Channels & Facebook Pages:
⦿ ItsBoi :
⦿ Damitj :

If you have any other queries, message any Admin on our Discord Server.
See you guys in Battlefield.

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